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DZS Grafik is the leading company  in the fields of printing and bookbinding finishing in Slovenia. We offer optimal all-round solutions in the field of book production. Our know-how, expertise, rich experience and technical proficiency along with the state-of-the-art printing and binding equipment provide for high-level products at competitive prices with short delivery times.


Our entire graphic process is organised »under one roof«. This entails prepress, printing presses in formats XXL (1260 x 1620 mm) and XL (750 x 1060 mm) and full post-press equipment. This allows us to optimize productin book processes to achieve a top-quality result.


With the acquisition of the certificate FSC® (FSC-C106600), with which we contribute to responsible forest management, and the use of the international scheme »Climate Neutral Printing« we express our commitment and contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development.


Our advantages:

  • More than 20 years of tradition on Western European markets
  • Cooperation with renowned publishers, museums and galleries in all of Europe and in the USA
  • More than 300 satisfied customers
  • More than 35 million EUR revenue per year
  • Personal approach and sales/after sales services of the highest quality
  • Different types of paper and other graphic materials always on stock in-house (our Graphic Materials Department is the largest merchants/distributors of graphic materials in Slovenia, strategic partnership with the paper mills SAPPI)
  • Competitive prices
  • Innovative printing solutions and know-how
  • Short delivery times

All printing and binding services in one place:

  • the production process is organized “under one roof”
  • printing on modern printing presses in formats XXL (1260 x 1620 mm) and XL (750 x 1060 mm)
  • 4-color, 2-color and BW printing
  • different types of binding (hardcover, flexicover and softcover books, wire-o and saddle-stitched products)

Custom customer services:

  • assistance and advice in the selection of materials and technological processes
  • comprehensive control of the graphic process from design and production to the supply of printed matter
  • personal approach and commercial-technological support in 8 languages

Hardcover books

Hardcover books

Maximum format 300 x 380 mm
Minimum format
 100 x 100 mm
Maximum thickness
 80 mm
Minimum thickness
 4 mm

  • sewn or perfect-boubd
  • 2 ribbon markers

Thin hardcover books

Maximum format 268 x 320 mm
Minimum format
 90 x 125 mm

  • min thickness 2 mm, square back

Hardcover cases

  • board thickness: min 1.20 mm; max 4.00 mm
  • printed and laminated cover
  • cover from various bookbinding materials
  • foil printing, blind printing, various cuts, etc.
  • matt, gloss or structured lamination
  • “Soft touch” and “matt-antiscratch” lamination
  • partial (spot) UV varnish
  • foil printing over lamination
  • production of splitcases

* the maximum thickness of the book block depends on the width of the block)

Softcover books

Maximum format 300 x 420 mm
Minimum format
 100 x 140 mm
Maximum thickness
 80* mm
Minimum thickness
 1,8 mm

  • sewn or perfect-bound (PUR glue)
  • “OTA bind”
  • Swiss bind
  • with or without flaps

* the maximum thickness of the book block depends on the width of the  book block)

Flexi bound books

Maximum format 270 x 380 mm
Minimum format
 100 x 100 mm
Maximum thickness
 80* mm
Minimum thickness
 4 mm

  • sewn or perfect-bound
  • with or without flaps (the size of the flaps depends on the width of the book block)

* the maximum thickness of the book block depends on the width of the book block)

Wire-o binding

Maximum format 297 x 420 mm
Minimum format
 100 x 140 mm
Maximum book block thickness
 28 mm

  • classic “Wire-O” binding with plastic or metal wire
  • Half Canadian binding
  • “Wire-O” consealed in hardback case (round back)
  • calendars up to 620 mm high


Maximum format 297 x 420 mm
Minimum format
 100 x 140 mm

  • with or without flaps
  • flaps front and/or back cover
  • number of wires 2, 3 or 4 + omega wires (2)


workstations for CTP imposition
CTP Kodak Magnus 800
CTP Kodak Magnus VLF 5570
CTP Heidelberg Suprasetter 106
PDF certified system / Fogra 51 in 52
Software Kodak Prinergy + Preps Imposition software + InSite


We are equipped with modern printing machines and automatic systems for color management and quality control, which ensures the consistency of printing throughout the entire run. The choice of the optimal printing machine depends on the characteristics of the individual printed matter.

MAN-Roland 7B/4, 1260 x 1620 mm
KBA 5C, 740 x 1050 mm
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106–8, 750 x 1060 mm
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-2P, 750 x 1060 mm
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-5+L, 750 x 1060 mm
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-5+L, 540 x 750 mm

Printing machines are equipped with an automatic color management and quality control system – “Image Control System”.


The whole graphic process is organized “under one roof”. The binding department is equipped with a complete line of machines that provide bookbinding finishing of hard-, soft- and integrally bound books, spiral printed matter and printed matter bound with wire. There is also all the additional hardware needed to make more complex bookbinding elements or. finishing of printed matter (plasticizing, hot printing with foil, partial UV varnish, embossing, etc.). Modern technology combined with the skills and experience of our employees is a guarantee for the production of the highest quality printed matter.

Automatic Guilliotines:
Polar 115E
Perfecta LF
Perfecta 168L

MBO 1420, 1420 x 1620 mm
Heidelberg KH 78/82, 820 x 1200 mm
MBO T 1020, 780 x 1050 mm
Heidelberg Stahlfolder TD 112, 820 x 1200 mm
Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 82, 820 x 1200 mm

Guk K72

Gathering / Sewing:
Meccanotecnica/Bombex/19 stations/output 2 x Astronic
Meccanotecnica/Bombex/24stations/output 2 x Astronic
Mueller-Martini Connect 30 stations/output 2 x Ventura
Mueller-Martini Connect 18 stations/output 2 x Ventura
Mueller-Martini Connect 15 stations/output 3 x Ventura

Softcover binding lines:
Kolbus KM 471 B
Mueller-Martini Alegro A7
Mueller-Martini Bolero B9/perfect binding

Kolbus DA 270
Hӧrauf Univezal
Hӧrauf BMD Universal 60
Hӧrauf BMD Compact 60

Petratto Cordoba

Hardcover binding lines (with flexi binding option):
Sigloch SB 6000 / Kolbus BF525
Kolbus PK170
Mueller-Martini Diamant MC60

Saddle-stitching lines:
Sheridan 562/642/6
Muiller Martini Universa 1571

lamination / Spot UV varnishing:
Billhoefer Ecosystem B1
Autobond FL 106
Autobond Mini 76 with Spot UV


Hot foil printing, blind printing:
Kolbus PE 312
Heidelberg Cylinder
Gietz FSA 870 Compact

Smipack FP 8000 CS
Beck SL 5015

Bobst Autoplatine SP Evoline 102 E
Bobst Autoplatine Visioncut 106 LE
Bobst Media 100 automatic glue line
Bobst Handypack GT automatic glue line

The Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Scandinavia, North America, Russia

Our English and Russian speaking team

Head of Benelux Sales Area
Matevž Semenič
Phone: +386 1 586 72 16
Cell phone:+ 386 41 270 895

Head of UK, US and Scandinavia
Miha Modec
Phone: +386 1 586 72
Cell phone: + 386 41 650 563

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Head of Sales Area
Janž Jorg Lavrič
Phone: +386 1 586 72 23
Cell phone: +386 41 727 652

Sales Manager
Janez Maselj
Phone: +386 1 586 72 17
Cell phone: +386 41 720 455

France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Switzerland

Our French, Italian and Spanish speaking team

Head of Sales Area
Sandra Mezeg
Phone: +386 1 586 72 12
Mobile phone: + 386 41 737 944


Technical support

Production manager
Stane Novak
Phone: +386 1 586 72 00

Helena Marn
Phone: +386 1 586 72 05

Irena Čadež
Phone: +386 1 586 72 26

Tatjana Kotar
Phone: +386 1 586 72 35