About us


DZS Grafik is the leading company in Slovenia and the broader region in the fields of book production, sales of paper, boards, printing plates, inks, adhesives, foils and other graphic materials, as well as sales of graphic equipment and software.

We are a One-Stop-Shop; we offer publishers various printed products and we offer printing houses to buy a whole assortment of graphic manufacturing materials in one place.


Our company has been present on international markets for many years. It is organized in three departments:

  • Graphic services
  • Paper materials
  • Graphic materials


The group DZS Grafik also includes the printing house Ma-tisk d.o.o. located in Maribor, which is organised as an independent company and is almost entirely supplied with orders and manufacturing materials by us. Ma-tisk is the largest Slovenian printing house for books and can boast a long and rich tradition, as its beginnings reach all the way to the year 1795.


Our main task involves organisation of printing and book finishing, during which we also take care of all graphic materials needed for production of printed products of the highest quality. We strive to exceed expectations and to create added value for customers, suppliers, creditors, employees and owners.

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands” (Neil Gaiman),



We are consolidating our position as the leading merchant of graphic materials and book manufacturer in Slovenia. We are flexible and we are constantly adapting to market demands. With the dedicated work of motivated and experienced employees, we are strengthening long-term business connections and partner relationships with our customers on the one side and our suppliers on the other.




Expertise, professionalism and rich experience are our core principles, which enable us to use different approaches in order to offer our customers the best possible solutions.

Trust and partnership

We strive to build good and respectful relationships. Work based on cooperation, team-based approach and long term relationships which strengthen trust on the side of our business partners.

Quality and flexibility

Cooperation with worldwide renowned material and equipment manufacturers enables us to trade with products of the best quality. Technical support, professionalism, expertise and flexibility are all part of a package we offer to our customers.

Care for the environment

We are determined to follow various environmental schemes (Climate Neutral Printing, certification under FSC Certification standards,…). We consistently decrease negative effects on the environment and we are a socially responsible organisation.



Graphic services


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